Expungement Eligibility Form

Use the form below to determine if you may be eligible for an expungement.

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I developed this tool in order to allow people to determine potential eligibility for an expungement.  However, the California Penal Code expressly prohibits expunging certain specified offenses.  Typically, these offenses involve serious vehicle code violations (those that result in two or more points on your driving record) or sexual offenses against minors.  This tool assumes that you have determined that you were not convicted of one of the ineligible offenses prior to using it.  

This expungement eligibility tool is provided for informational purposes only.  It is not intended as legal advice.  Use of this tool is not intended nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.

If you use the expungement eligibility checker and determine that you may be eligible for an expungement, please contact Temecula Criminal Defense and expungement attorney Michael W. Donaldson.  If you are seeking an expungement in Riverside County, Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, Banning, Corona or Riverside, contact me using the form below to begin the expungement process now.