Temecula City Council Approves Marijuana Cultivation for Qualified Patients

On January 26, 2016, the Temecula City Council met at City Hall to give a second reading to Ordinance Number 16-10, which would add section 8.52, et al. to the Temecula Municipal Code. While section 8.52, et al. prohibits all marijuana cultivation in Temecula, section 8.52.060 provides a limited exemption from section 8.52 to qualified patients and primary caregivers. The City Council unanimously approved section 8.52.060.  

Under section 8.52.060, qualified patients can grow 12 marijuana plants, subject to strict land use and security measures.  Importantly, primary caregivers can also grow 12 marijuana plants on behalf of a qualified patient.  If two qualified patients live together, no more than 24 marijuana plants may be cultivated on the premises.  If qualified patients live in a rental property, a letter of consent from the landlord permitting marijuana cultivation must be received.  I will write an article in the future detailing the requirements for compliance with section 8.52.060.  

I commend the City Council for giving careful consideration to this issue.  Allowing Temecula medical marijuana patients to cultivate for their own personal use is so important.  This ordinance will give Temecula medical marijuana patients safe access to their medicine and allow them to treat their illnesses with liberty and dignity and as they and their doctor see fit.  

Mayor Naggar, in particular, delivered an impassioned plea supporting the right of medical marijuana patients to treat their illnesses as they see fit.  Mayor Naggar, who Temecula residents have long cherished because of his strict conservative views, attributed his change in perspective concerning medical marijuana and its users to experiences in his family.

City Councilwoman Ms. Edwards had clearly been wrestling with this issue as well.  She undoubtedly put in hours of research in order to inform herself on this topic.  Ms. Edwards also gave an impassioned plea supporting the right of medical marijuana patients to engage in personal cultivation.  

The City Council plans to hold a "comprehensive symposium" concerning marijuana, wherein the Council hopes to discuss such issues as marijuana cultivation, public safety issues, medical use, and new marijuana laws.  

Thank you to the City Council for protecting medical marijuana patients' rights.  

Posted by Mike Donaldson.