More Prop 64 Resentencing Petitions Granted

I was due in court down in El Centro this past Friday.  It's practically in Arizona.  I was set to argue another Prop 64 resentencing petition.  I ditched Interstate 15 and its congestion, honking and tailgating for the scenic route through Anza Borrego. Caught the sunrise and some peace of mind. 

Come to find out, this is the exact route my client was on 17 years earlier when he was arrested.  He packed up a few ounces of marijuana, and drove from Riverside County to El Centro.  His journey was a bit different. He got pulled over, arrested, and hit with a felony for transporting marijuana in violation of Health & Safety Code section 11360.  He lived with that felony for 17 years.  

I called my client and gave him the good news as I hopped back on route 371 to Temecula. The court granted the motion.  He's no longer a felon.  I tell him about my ride out, how pretty it was, just as I ascended into the chaparral of the high desert.  I ask him if he's ever been out here. He kind of laughs and says, "Mike, that's where the cops rolled me up."  Talk about coming full circle.  

Posted by Mike Donaldson.