"Can I get a DUI on a bike?"

Another Frequently Asked Question Regarding DUIs is “Can I Get a DUI on a Bike?”

No, you cannot. But there’s been some confusion on this over the years. In California, it is unlawful to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or more. A “vehicle” is defined in Vehicle Code section 415 as a motor vehicle - a vehicle that is self-propelled. Additionally, Vehicle Code section 670 defines a vehicle as a “device by which any person or property may be propelled, moved, or drawn upon a highway, excepting a device moved exclusively by human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks.”

A bicycle, skateboard, razor scooter, or longboard do not qualify as a vehicle under the Vehicle Code. Because of that, persons should not be charged with DUI if they are on a bicycle, skateboard, or something similar. It is still unsafe to ride bikes or skateboards under the influence, and it should be avoided.

Posted by Mike Donaldson.