Temecula | Murrieta | Riverside DUI Attorney Explains DUIs and Military Diversion

Active and former members of the United States Military arrested for DUI may be eligible to avoid a DUI conviction by entering the Military Diversion Program.


Military Diversion is available to active and former members of the military who may be suffering from the following conditions as a result of their military service:

  • Sexual trauma;
  • Traumatic brain injury;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • Substance abuse; or
  • Mental health problems

Military Diversion is a great way for the most deserving of people to get a favorable result in their DUI case. Military Diversion is not easy. It requires military personnel to undergo serious treatment for their applicable condition for up to two years. However, successful completion of Military Diversion will result in a dismissal of the DUI case and the record of DUI arrest being cleared from the person's criminal record

The California Legislature recently clarified that the Military Diversion program is available for DUI arrests and DUI charges. When the Military Diversion Program was first created, prosecutors fought to keep members of the military facing DUI charges out of Military Diversion. However, the legislature has now made it explicitly clear that Military Diversion applies to DUI arrests and DUI charges. Even serious DUI arrests - like DUIs within injury in violation of Vehicle Code section 23153, or 2nd offense DUIs or 3rd offense DUIs. 

Military Diversion also applies to marijuana DUIs, or any other drug DUIs in violation of Vehicle Code section 23152(f). 

I have worked with many active members and veterans of the United States Military on successfully transferring their DUI case and DUI charges to the Riverside County Military Diversion Court. It is an honor to work with veterans and assist them through this program. Riverside County Veterans' Court is a great way to successfully work through DUI charges in Riverside County. 


Posted by Mike Donaldson.