For-Profit Businesses Under MMRSA

Many people have reached out to me lately and asked whether for-profit businesses are allowed under MMRSA.  The answer is most certainly YES.  MMRSA explicitly allows for-profit entities to apply for licenses.  

However, for-profit commercial cannabis activity does not become lawful under MMRSA until licensees hold both a local and state license.  Meaning, you cannot operate for-profit until you obtain a state license.  State licenses won't begin to be issued until approximately January 1, 2018. As such, until January 1, 2018, cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, etc. cannot operate for-profit.  

Until a state license is acquired (or at least until a state application is submitted), cultivators, dispensary operators, etc. must continue to comply with the CUA/SB420 under the non-profit model.  

If you have any questions regarding MMRSA compliance, or would like assistance in acquiring a local cultivation, manufacturing, or dispensary permit, please feel free to contact me at (951) 387-4982 or by using the contact form below.  

Posted by Mike Donaldson.