Mike Graduates from Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer's College

I had the great pleasure of attending the July 2017 Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer's College.  You can read about Gerry Spence here and about the Trial Lawyer's college here.

If law school taught me how to be a lawyer, Trial Lawyer's College taught me how to be a better lawyer by first being a better person.  I've led a blessed life, but not without trauma.  Trauma calloused my soul, and blocked me from feeling at times. Trial Lawyer's College opened me right back up.  It's okay to feel.  

Why the hell does this matter?  The point is, my clients have emotions.  Their stories are emotional.  If I'm not open to feeling and experiencing their emotions, then how can I properly represent them?  There is so much more to a story than the 5W's.  The important stuff lies in the emotion of the story.  That is the story.  

And, if my job in representing a client at a jury trial is to tell their story, I cannot do that unless I am capable of experiencing that emotion.  First, my own.  Second, theirs.  

I am very grateful to the college, that staff, and all of the great warrior compadres I met out in Wyoming.  I love you all and thank you for fighting for justice.  Let's go fight the power.  

Posted by Mike Donaldson.