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If you are a registered nurse and are being investigated by the Board of Registered Nursing or Department of Consumer Affairs for wrongdoing, charged with or have a Board of Registered Nursing accusation filed against you, or are applying for an RN license in California but have prior misconduct you are concerned about, the Temecula Nursing License defense attorney Michael W. Donaldson can help. Do not go it alone.  You have worked too hard to get your license and your career is too important to lose it.





  1. Drug and alcohol dependency and allegations of drug and alcohol abuse;

  2. The Board of Registered Nursing's Diversion Program;

  3. Recent criminal convictions and/or a history of criminal convictions substantially related to the qualifications of a nurse;

  4. Unprofessional conduct;

  5. Standard of care issues;

  6. Gross negligence, repeated acts of negligence or incompetence;

  7. The Board of Registered Nursing's Disciplinary Process and the filing of an administrative accusation.


Criminal Convictions and Your Nursing License

If you are applying for a nursing license and have prior criminal convictions, all hope is not lost.  An experienced nursing license defense attorney can help you obtain your license despite the prior criminal convictions.  If you already have your registered nursing license, and are under investigation for a crime or a criminal charge has been filed against you, you need an attorney who understands both criminal law and the administrative procedures of the Board of Registered Nursing.  The Board of Registered Nursing requires all registered nurses to report criminal convictions (even minor infractions), after which an investigation will be conducted. After investigation, the following will occur:  (1) no action may be taken due to a jurisdiction issue or because the offense is minor; (2) a citation (fine) is issued; or (3) a formal accusation is filed against the nurse.  It is possible to resolve these matters during the investigation stage.  If a case is resolved during the Investigative Phase of a Board’s Action, the allegations against your license will not be published to the Board’s website. 

nursing license applications and disciplinary actions

If you are applying for a nursing license, and have some prior instances of misconduct, an experienced nursing license defense attorney can help you navigate the process so as to best increase your chances at obtaining your license.  If you are denied a registered nursing license because of prior misconduct, registering nursing license defense attorney Mike Donaldson can help you file an appeal.  Immediately after you receive your denial, you should contact our office to help you navigate your way through the Board of Registered Nursing's processes. My office will file your Appeal and begin negotiations with the Board. If and when the Statement of Issues is filed, Mike will walk you through the process, continue zealously negotiating on your behalf, prepare mitigating documentation, and, if necessary, aggressively litigate your matter before the Office of Administrative Hearings.

If you already have your nursing license, and disciplinary action is underway as a result of a criminal conviction or a complaint by a doctor, patient, or an anonymous source, Temecula nursing license defense attorney Mike Donaldson can zealously advocate on your behalf during the first stage of the process.  The first stage of any disciplinary action proceeding is the investigation stage.  It is possible to resolve these matter during the investigation stage, which will ultimately prevent the allegations against your license from being published on the Board's website.  

The second stage of any disciplinary action involves the filing of a citation or formal accusation.  A citation is just what it sounds like - a fine.  A formal accusation is more serious.  It will request that your license be revoked, and will state the reasons your license is under discipline. When you receive this document, you have a very limited window in which you must reply or your case goes into default. After you receive the formal accusation, you need an experienced attorney on your side who can help you resolve this matter and protect your license.  

the board of registered nursing's diversion program

Diversion may be an attractive offer to some.  The Board of Registered Nursing will make it seem very informal and casual.  While it may be a good option for some, nine times out of ten I recommend clients to not participate in the Diversion Program.  It is a good rule of thumb.  Do not participate in the Board of Registered Nursing's Diversion Program!  I repeat, DO NOT participate in the Board of Registered Nursing's Diversion Program.  The diversion program is a perpetual and draconian process that leaves you to the whim of the BRN.  It is expensive.  Very expensive.  Often, it is better for a registered nurse to simply surrender the license and apply for reinstatement.  If you have any questions about the Board of Registered Nursing's Diversion Program and are curious as to whether it may be a good option for you, please feel free to contact me immediately.  I'm happy to answer any of your questions.  

michael w. donaldson - nursing license Criminal defense attorney

You may think that you can navigate a disciplinary action or application on your own.  It may seem easy to defend yourself, but you are risking your livelihood, career, and license that you worked so hard for.  The Board of Registered Nursing may imply that this process is informal and casual, but it isn't.  Your license is on the line and the BRN is notoriously draconian. Get an attorney on your side who can fight for you.  

At the Law Office of Michael W. Donaldson, we can evaluate the best course of action for you and your circumstances, to take a proactive, zealous, and compassionate approach to any issues that may threaten your license or license application. If you are under investigation, have been denied a license, received a letter from the Board of Registered Nursing, or have a formal accusation filed against you, contact Mike immediately at (951) 387-4982.  

Mike Donaldson is a Temecula nursing license criminal defense attorney licensed to practice in California only.